Marea Haslett

Recent Work

Marea Haslett’s work documents the how we heal and grow beyond pain. The forms are inspired from personal, societal, and generational obstacles clogging the path towards growth. In her paintings, the forms become narratives, and the process of painting brings clarity and solidifies a sense of empathy. The compositions trace emotional language through psychological and neurological standpoints. In order to heal and grow, we must begin within.

Marea Haslett was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in the Atlanta area and California.  As an art educator, she is a part of a team that runs a successful art program, and she assists in all aspects of helping art students find personal success. She also develops curriculum, writes grants and promotional materials while providing art leadership in her school, district, and state. Her artwork is in several private collections nationwide, at the University of North Georgia and in various shows in the Atlanta area. She shares her journey with her husband, and their two sons.

Available works:

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